Math Camps?

“Math is fun, Math is cool! It was good to learn from people who love math!” – Feedback from one of our previous students who participated in Math Kangaroo Camp.

It’s that time of year again when people begin to think about what they should be doing over their next spring and/or summer break. Should you go on vacation, take an extra class, or sit back and relax? I have a solution that covers everything above and is guaranteed to provide you with a fun filled and exciting break. What am I talking about? Camps! Camps are a great way to spend your summer. From camps you get the opportunity to meet many new individuals and form many friendships. You will meet people who share many of the interests you have, and you are also able to apply what you’ve learned in school to real life. It is a great way to spend your summer. I was fortunate enough to attend camp when I was younger and I can honestly say it was an amazing experience. I met people in this camp who I still consider great friends, and I definitely learned a lot.

Now that I’ve shown you how beneficial and enjoyable camp is, I’m sure you’re wondering which camps you should go to? Lucky for you, the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto offers some very fun and exciting math camps. We have the March Break/ Summer Kangaroo Camp which is targeted to grades 4-10. At this camp you get the opportunity to participate in many hands on activities and also do some practice questions for the math kangaroo competition. Another camp offered is the Mathematics Academy Camps for Grades 9 – 12 who are interested in gaining experience in mathematics and research. Students also get the opportunity to meet members of the department.

The department also hosts the Canada Math Camp which is offered by the Canadian Mathematical Society. This is an invite based camp from grades 8-10 who are top scorers of COMC or are invited through teachers/ other members. For this camp students stay in residence for a week and participate in math competitions. Finally we offer the Science Unlimited Camp for students entering grade 11 where they can participate in a series of workshops. This camp is combined with many different fields of study including pure and applied math topics. In fact, one of the exciting projects students made at a previous camp was a real life version of Angry BirdsTM. Now I don’t know about you but I definitely wish I got the opportunity to work on such an awesome project!

So now that you have all this information on these exciting camps, I’m sure you are wondering if you will actually enjoy this camp, or how do you know that your kids will enjoy this camp? These following quotes are from students who previously participated in these camps: “It’s a fun filled Math Camp”, “I think it was a learning experience for me. Also, I really enjoyed the lectures during the week”. One student even wrote that “This has been the best camp that I have ever been to! There were lots of fun/exciting activities! I learned A LOT! Everyone is respectful and nice! And I made new friends! Overall: This camp has been very awesome!” When students were asked if they learned something new that week, all responded with the same answer “yes”.

As you can see all of our students enjoyed the camps and had a great time! I can guarantee that participating in these camps will be a very rewarding, intellectual and fun experience. You will meet many great people and you will gain skills you wouldn’t be able to if you just spent you’re break at home or watching TV. I hope that this article has motivated you to consider participating in these camps and I really hope to see you at one of our future camp offerings.

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