This article has been reposted from here with permission of the author

This summer I have been teaching a Online Math Kangaroo Enrichment Classes for grade 4.

In each class we looked at several core concepts and then solved numerous problems that resembled problems from Math Kangaroo Contests.

Teaching an online class was a new experience for me and I am extremely happy that i had a chance to try it.

The trickiest part about teaching an online class was finding an effective way to communicate with the audience. This challenge, however, could be resolved by asking the students to ‘raise their hand’ (by clicking an appropriate icon) and typing their questions in the chat window provided.

I found that giving the audience plenty of time to think about each posed question on their own. Providing sufficient time allowed the students to understand posed problems and to formulate meaningful questions afterwards.

This summer the audience was quite active and well prepared for each class. Although the group of students was quite diverse in terms of academic background and age, everyone caught up to the same speed and academic level very fast.

I am quite proud of my students and I wish them the best of luck in their next academic year and the upcoming Math Kangaroo Contests!

Although the summer course is over, please see the related information at kangaroo.math.ca and stay tuned for information on further classes