Classroom Adventures in Mathematics

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The Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto is proud to offer our Classroom Adventures in Mathematics (CAIM) series for teachers.

This series is focused on bringing math research and fun from the University lecture halls into the classrooms by providing teachers with information, resources and materials that they can take back to their classes with them. Some activities provide associated activities that participants can bring back to their classrooms with them, others are simply lectures for general interest to showcase the uses of mathematics outside of the curriculum.

Lectures typically take place the last Saturday of the month and begin in January with one session each month for four months. You may register for one, two, three or all of these seminars. There is no cost to register and refreshments are provided. Most of the materials presented are aimed at high school teachers but would be accessible to others as well. Please let us know if you have any questions about the level.

Videos and Resources

Many of our previous programs have been recorded and these recordings have been made available along with any handouts made available by the presenters.

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Summer Institute

Our 2014 Summer Institute is finished. Videos and resources from the event can be found on our Videos page.

The Summer Institute is designed to create a collaborative environment for teachers and educators to learn about math and different ways to apply it to their own classrooms. Further details can be found here.

Disclaimer: While participants in these seminars will be provided with activities, lesson plans and curriculum links that they can take back with them to their classrooms and all efforts are made to ensure that materials presented are interesting and useful, not all are linked directly to the curriculum and participants are expected to find ways to integrate the materials presented into their classrooms and lessons. We are offering these programs not as a teaching program but as a Mathematics enrichment program.