Each year the Department hosts the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest and we need your help!

The contest hosts students from Grade 1 - 12 for a one day contest held on the third Sunday in March and a preparation session held during the month of March. It is held on all three campuses of UofT (downtown, Mississauga and Scarborough) and this year we expect around 1600 students.

Below is a brief description of the positions we are looking for:

Test Invigilators/Group Leaders

These positions will vary depending on what campus you are volunteering for but in general you will need to be on-site by 9:30am and will be required to register students and watch over them while they write the test and collect the completed test papers at the end of the test. You will also need to ensure that only contest writers are present in the test room during the test time.


Markers will start at 1:30pm (but are welcome to come earlier for lunch). You will be provided with the answer sheets from the morning competition and an answer key. You will be paired with a partner for marking and each of you is required to mark the same set of papers (as a double check). You are expected to initial each paper you mark so if there are any questions/concerns we know who marked each paper. The tests are all multiple choice and you will be provided with an answer key. You will be required to mark the tests and record specific stats associated with each student.

We will also require a few people to do data entry of the marks so if you are able to bring a laptop or tablet with you it would be greatly appreciated (but not required)

General Help

We ask that general help be there at 9:00am as registration will start at 9:30am. You will be responsible for assisting to place directional signs, set up registration tables and direct people. You may also be required to assist with various other tasks such as covering an invigilation or distributing materials to various test rooms.

Some volunteers will also be required to help with setting up a refreshments table for parents for during the time the students are writing the competition.

Prep Session Leaders

The Prep Session will be held on March 4th at the downtown location. The Prep Session date for the UTM and UTSC campuses is TBA.

Prep Session Leaders will be provided with a training workshop to receive materials and instruction on their prep session in order to prepare their presentations. They will also be provided with information on the format and structure of the competition and samples of the response pages.

Further Details

If you would like further information on any of these positions please send an email to toronto@mathkangaroocanada.com and we'd be happy to help!

Ready to Help

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