Math Academy

Please note: for summer 2020 this program will be offered in a modified online format.

Math Academy Students


Math Academy is a challenging, one-week, intensive, enrichment experience for students in grades 9-12 with very strong mathematical thinking ability. Students are accepted into the program on the basis of their solutions to a problem set which is aimed at highlighting their ability to think mathematically and creatively rather than testing for specific curricular knowledge. The program is typically run during March Break and for one or more weeks during the summer. Each week is a standalone special topics course that goes in-depth on a single topic. The topic will be creative, fun, and somewhat abstract; in other words, what mathematicians consider “real math.” Math Academy includes both lecture-style teaching and significant time devoted to independent and small-group problem-solving.

**In summer 2020, we will be offering a modified online format for the program**

Summer 2020 Online Program

[FULL] July 20 - 31, 2020 (two weeks)

August 10 - 21, 2020 (two weeks)

Class: 10am-12pm Monday to Friday

Office Hour: 4-5pm Monday to Friday

Instructor: Malors Espinosa Lara, PhD candidate

Course Title: Theory and Practice: the world of data and pure mathematics

Course Description: We will try to understand different aspects of the question: what do we mean when we say something happens almost surely? Or it happens in certain proportion? This question is very important for the modern way of thinking in mathematics and we will explore it through examples and tools that range from statistics and computer science to abstract mathematics and number theory.

Due to COVID-19 Math Academy will be run online in summer 2020. The format of the program has been modified by spreading it out over two weeks and providing a break during the day to work on problems away from the screen. At 4pm each day we will regroup for an office hour when students can ask questions about the problems. This will provide the same number of contact hours as our usual one-week format. Classes and office hours will be conducted live over Zoom and require participants to have access to a device with a microphone and camera.


The cost of the program is $400+tax for the week.

Bursaries are available. Please wait until you've been accepted into Math Academy before requesting a bursary here.


Summer 2020 Math Academy will be offered online via Zoom.


Students must first apply for the program and be accepted in order to register. Successful applicants will be informed of their acceptance as soon as possible. Applications are taken on an on-going basis until spaces are filled.

Please note the application consists of two parts, a completed quiz and a short answer to what makes you interested in math academy. Since we have opened a new August section, we are still accepting applications on a rolling basis.

APPLICATIONS FOR Summer Math Academy 2020 is closed.