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The Contest-Game “Math Kangaroo” was originated in France in 1991 and quickly became famous in Europe. Several years later the International Association “Kangourou sans frontières” had been founded. With each passing year the popularity of the competition continues to grow attracting new cities and new countries.

In October 2006, Canada became a member of the International Association “Kangourou sans frontières”. Valeria Pandelieva, mathematician and educator from Ottawa, was chosen to be the President of the Math Kangaroo Association in Canada.

The first time in Toronto the contest was conducted in 2006. Now in Canada the Math Kangaroo is conducted in the following cities: Calgary, Charlottetown (new), Coquitlam, Edmonton, Guelph (new), Halifax, Lethbridge (new), London, Montreal, Mississauga, North Bay, Ottawa, Regina (new), St. Catharines (new), Scarborough, Sherbrooke (new), St. John's, Sudbury, Sydney (new), Thunder Bay, Toronto, Vancouver (new), Waterloo (new), and Winnipeg.

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Format and General Information

The Math Kangaroo competition is a multiple choice contest for students from grades 1 – 12. It takes place each year in the spring. Problem sets consist of three sections 8 questions each.

The competition typically takes place on the last Sunday in March, the exact dates of the contest will be posted on the National website at

Note: check-in and start times may be different for different locations, please check your account carefully and watch for emails from your location organizer closer to the date of the test.

Typically check-in opens at 9:30am and students are expected to be checked in and seated by 10:30am for pre-test instructions. Parents are then invited to stay for refreshments and a special lecture for them during the competition time.

The Grades 1 – 2 competition is 45 minutes in length (18 questions), grades 3 – 4 are 60 minutes in length (24 questions) and Grades 5 – 12 are 75 minutes (30 questions). Please take this into account if you have students writing multiple levels.

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Toronto/GTA participants can choose to write at one of three locations:

Interactive maps for the three UofT locations can be found here:

Interactive maps for the Humber College Lakeshore campus can be found here:

Detailed information on location will be emailed to participants shortly before the competition each year for the site they are registered for.

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There are a number of options available for preparing for the contest including online and on-campus training.

The Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest offers online training from their website. Once you have created an account you can select the appropriate training options from within your account.

The University of Toronto offers on-campus training at the downtown, Scarborough and Mississauga sites. These can also be accessed and registered for from your account as well. Further details on training locations will be emailed to registered participants prior to the training sessions they are registered with.

In addition, the University of Toronto's downtown campus offers a number of camps and clubs based on the Math Kangaroo contest. Further details can be found on our Enrichment page.

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  • You need to bring 2 pencils with erasers and a pen.
  • You will be provided with draft paper.
  • Calculators, geometry sets and textbooks are not allowed.
  • Usage of cell phones and the other communication devices is strictly prohibited.
  • You are allowed to bring a snack and/or a drink.

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Sample Questions

Sample questions are made available here.

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Results are released and awards announced a month or so after the competition. You can view these by logging into your account.

Winners lists and answer keys are available around mid-April and you will receive a message on how to find this information.

Marks and awards status can be found by logging in to your account.

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Awards Ceremony and Winners

An awards ceremony is typically held on the last Sunday in May and is open to all award winners and their families. Details on this event are emailed to winners in early May.

A list of previous winners can be found here here

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To register for the competition you must make an account on the Math Kangaroo website .