Online Programs

Due to COVID-19, we'll be teaching all our fall programs online. Our courses for grades 2-12 are listed below. We are offering two streams: “on-curriculum” and enrichment. In addition, we will be running online contest preparation sessions for grades 7-12 in September, a new version of Contest Clubs, to prepare and train contest writers for the COMC and AMC 8.

Fall Courses: full course descriptions

**Junior Programs**

  • On-Curriculum Courses (single grades from Grade 2 to Grade 8)
  • Enrichment Courses (single grades from Grade 2 to Grade 8)
  • **High School Programs**

  • Contest Preparation Clubs (Grade 7-8, Grade 9-10, and Grade 11-12)
  • On-Curriculum Courses (Grade 9 Math, Grade 10 Math, and Grade 11 Functions)
  • Advanced Math Clubs (Grade 9-10 and Grade 11-12)
  • Course Streams

      On-curriculum teachers will provide live lessons, assign questions designed to strengthen foundations and deepen understanding of the material and increase enjoyment of the subject matter. The exact topics to be covered in the course will be advertised ahead of time so that you can decide whether or not the course would be useful for your child. On-curriculum courses are suitable for children who are working approximately at their grade level. If your child is struggling significantly in math, you may want to email us at to discuss the most appropriate placement.

      Enrichment courses are designed for children who have already mastered the material at their grade level and are looking for greater challenges and new ways to stimulate their interest in math. For those already familiar with our past “Enriching Minds” clubs and camps, these courses will be in a similar vein, adapted for the online experience. Some enrichment classes will be for single grades; some will be two-year splits; and we will be piloting a new enrichment program for high school students. We are offering some special themes and formats this term, so please see full course descriptions for details.

      Technical Requirements

        Classes will be taught live on Zoom, a video conferencing tool, and class materials will be organized on Google Classroom. Both platforms are free. For full participation in the class, your child will need

      • Access to a device with video and microphone to allow for two-way communication with the instructor and other participants during the scheduled class time.
      • A Gmail address to use to log into Google Classroom. This does not need to be the same one the parent used to enroll as these two systems are not interconnected in any way.
      • Access to a printer is helpful, but not necessary. Instructors have been asked to keep in mind that not everyone has one. In the limited cases in which an activity absolutely requires a printer, teachers will provide an alternative activity that does not require one.
      • Paper and pencil


      Junior programs (Grades 1-8) will be two one-hour sessions during after-school hours per week, Tuesday to Friday. See full course descriptions for schedule.

      Upcoming Term(s)

    • Fall Term: October 13 - November 20 (six weeks)
    • Past Terms

    • Spring Term 1: April 20 - May 15 (four weeks)
    • Spring Term 2: May 25 - June 19 (four weeks)
    • Summer Term 1: July 6 - July 31 (four weeks)
    • Summer Term 2: August 4 - August 28 (four weeks)
    • Program Fees and Financial Support

      Junior Programs: $168 for six weeks

      High School Programs: various. Please see the Course Description page for details.

      We have adjusted our bursary process in order to maintain accessibility for families financially impacted by lay-offs and reduced hours. If you are unable to pay the full program because you have been financially affected by the COVID-19 situation or are otherwise low-income, please apply for a bursary. Further information and an application form can be found here.


        To register for any of these classes you must create an account on our registration system by clicking the button below.

        Enrolment will close at midnight on the Wednesday before the first day of each term.