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Why Mathematics?

Mathematics fills the world around us with meaning and beauty. It is more than numbers and equations. It's a rich and diverse subject that manifests itself in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Our programs inspire students to explore the world of mathematics in a fun, hands-on, and exploratory way. They are offered by one of the world's leading mathematics research departments, and draw from mathematics research and exploration resources.

Whether you are seeking to encourage a mathematically shy student or to challenge a student who wants to dive into competition-based mathematics we have a program for you.

For students who are shy about the subject we have programs that show them that math is not just for the elite; it is not just for the ‘super smart’ or those that have a ‘math brain’.

For those students who want to be challenged in the subject we have programs that build problem solving skills and dive into research-based problems.

No matter what you are looking for, the programs offered by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto will show you and your child the subject of Mathematics in a whole new and exciting way!

Grades 1 - 8

Our two main programs for students in grades 1 - 8 are our Math Camps and our Saturday programs. Each of these is divided into the following groups:

  • Math FUNdamentals: This summer 2018 we are offering a new class designed specifically for grade 1 and 2 students. Participants will approach fundamental math concepts through activities, games, and crafts. This program is designed in the same spirit as our other math clubs and summer camps, but tailored to the math skill level of our youngest participants.
  • Inspiring Math Minds: These programs are designed to help students build their confidence and skills with Mathematics. These courses assist students, through hands-on, fun-filled activities, to build their strength and confidence and to help inspire them to experience the subject more fully and with more confidence.
  • Enriching Math Minds: These programs are designed to challenge students and to enrich their already strong skills in mathematics. The courses are designed to challenge through hands-on, fun-filled activities and to test their math skills through challenging problems and concepts.

    Other programs for these students include the following:

  • Girls in STEM: The number of girls who pursue studies and careers in mathematics is still surprisingly low. This program seeks to inspire young women to consider the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with hands-on workshops, lectures and panel discussions led by female role models in the STEM fields. Open to female students in Grades 6 - 8.

  • Competitions: For those students who are looking to put their math skills to the test, we also offer the opportunity for student to write a wide array of contests and competitions. These competitions range from fun, yet challenging contests open to anyone who wants to join and have some fun, to high level contests designed to really put a student's math skills to the test.

H.S. Math Prep

  • High School Math Help:

    High School Math Help allows students a two-hour block of quiet personal study time away from the distractions of home to complete math homework, practise for tests, or review graded tests with a team of skilled instructors, upper-year undergraduates from the Department of Mathematics. This is an informal classroom setting. Instructors circulate around the room answering questions as students raise their hands. This program is particularly useful in allowing students to complete their homework without running stuck, as they can receive just-in-time assistance. This program is most suitable for students who could benefit from some consultation with an instructor but do not need a private tutor.

Grades 9 - 12

  • Math Academy: This program provides students with experience in Mathematics and Mathematics Research. The program strives to introduce students to concepts not typically covered in the standard curriculum. Students will gain knowledge and skills in various aspects of mathematics and will have a chance to meet with members of the department currently involved in mathematics research. There is an application process for this program.

  • Mentorship Program: The mentorship program links high potential mathematics students with our graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members to spend 4 months working on a research-based project. This is a highly competitive program and requires an application.


  • School Visits Program: Our school visits program gives educators a chance to bring their students to the University of Toronto to experience mathematics in a whole new way. Participants get to experience a hands-on workshop led by various members of our faculty. This program is free to attend.

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