Registration for Our Programs

If you don’t have an account with us already, you can set one up by clicking the blue button below. If you have one, log in and enroll.

Steps to set up account:

  • Create an account in the parent’s name.
  • When you receive your activation email, click one it just once. This email is sent immediately but may take up to 24h to reach you based on your email service’s protocols.
  • Create student profiles for each child you want to enroll.

Steps to enroll in a course:

  • Once logged in, click on Course Registration button.
  • Select the student you want to enroll; you’ll be taken to the list of available courses.
  • Click the plus sign to the left of a course name to expand the entry.
  • Tick the box to load your cart. If you’ve been given a bursary or discount code, add it in the field provided here.
  • When you’ve added all the courses you want for that child, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the checkout button.
  • Proceed with payment.
  • To load courses for another child, log back into the system and repeat steps, selecting that child’s student profile.

Need assistance with registration?:

    If you are encountering a problem with your account or need some help to complete a course enrollment, please contact us at to connect. We want to help and can usually respond within one business day.

Math Outreach would like to thank all the sponsors who generously support our programming.